Towards the end of last summer, we got real heavy/obsessed with the postings on everything surrounding Immuzikation. So what we ended up doing, was creating a MadLibs sort of post so that our ravings didn't become too repetitive. Looks like we're gonna have to dig that formula up again, because, yes kiddos, we've got another piece of heat from Don Diablo this morning!

Let's play.

Don Diablo's latest _____ [adjective] remix see the _____ [adjective] DJ taking on the new single, A Crush to Pass the Time, from up-and-coming indie rockers, Plushgun.

The remix is full of _____ [adjective] _____ [sound(s)] and _____ [adjective] _____ [noun(s)]. Diablo _____ [adverb] pairs his trademark _____ [noun] with the softer aspects of Plushgun's _____ [adjective] _____ [noun].

Did that make sense? It did to us. Which means...we SO dig this mix!

mp3: Plushgun - A Crush to Pass the Time (Don Diablo remix)