After our unabashed profession of love for the tracks from MEN yesterday, we have no qualms against posting on the talented trio for a second day in a row.

I mentioned that yes, in fact, there was to be a third song off their Limited Edition DEMO, and today, here we have the beautifully arranged and overwhelmingly emotionally charged track, Simultaneously.

With an ambient vibe that makes you feel carefree, the opposite effect it had on me was quite evident. It's lighter than the previous two tracks, yet there is a deep emotional vein running through the entire course of the arrangement. It's both warm and fuzzy, yet cold and chilling.

Is it weird to say some moisture welled up in my eyes upon first listen? Yikes. Let's forget I ever said that. However if that gives you any indication as to the potent power this one holds, then be that as it may.

/pushes rewind and plays again

mp3: MEN - Simultaneously