Let's get nostalgic for a minute. When I was a young'un, spending hot summer nights at my grandparents house was always a treat. We'd listen to stories of the "old days" and generally get to stay up later than normally allowed. I vivdly remember my grandfather regaling tales, eating circus peanuts (ick!) and singing Patsy Cline's classic tune, Crazy, alongside my 5 year old self.

Now today, anytime I hear the song today, my mind immediately reverts back to those cherished moments.

Minimalist rock duo, The Kills, known for lead singer Allison Mosshart's oft-screechable vocalisms, have gone and covered the country crooner's song. Initially I thought it might be a noisy mess, but now I couldn't be happier. They kept it simple, and call me "crazy" but that's what makes it so effective.

mp3: The Kills - Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)