Yuksek's tasty album, Away From the Sea, came out back in early February, and it's been quite the staple in our rotation of frequented albums. With gems like I Could Never Be a Dancer and I Like to Play, it's hard not to like the dude.

One of the best tracks from the album is the fabulously constructed Extraball, which features Beaston fave, Amanda Blank. The mixture of the keys, alternating tempos, the call and response starting at the 1:30 mark, and the simulated horn make for an alltogether delightful listening experience.

And now, there is a video for the track! Watch it below.

I wonder if you watch this video with 3D glasses on, what the results will be. I don't have a pair, but if you do, let me know what happens!

mp3: Yuksek (featuring Amanda Blank) - Extraball
mp3: Yuksek (featuring Amanda Blank) - Extraball (Breakbot remix)

[In other Yuksek news, it seems that good old boy has signed on to remix Lady GaGa's next single, Paparazzi!]