Part social networking experiment and all music blogger feedback, I recently took part in a collaboration of ideas. A virtual roundtable of music blogs and their owners in a discussion on the ins and outs, the whos and whats of what we dig [and don't] when it comes to Blog PR.

Spearheaded by Zoe of bigMETHOD, a vast assortment of quotes, quips, queries and questions were raised, answered, and compiled for your reading enjoyment.

By no means is this to be read as a righteous attempt at us saying "Hey this is who we are and what we do, so you should freaking respect us!"

It's more along the lines of, "You know, we're here to give you a forum in which to get your voice heard, and here's the best way to make sure your stuff doesn't sit in that half eaten bag of Doritos on my desk."

You can read the article in it's entirety here.

Personally, I would like to take the time to thank all the PR people, artists, labels, etc...that continually impress me with their class, professionalism, and interest in what I do here. It means a lot.

And to all the readers as well, here's a sweet treat for allowing me to stand on a tiny little soapbox for the moment. You are all the cutest little dears to me!

mp3: Theophilus London - Sandcastle (Black x Blue)