Famous Friends are taking a huge-mondo step this Saturday and moving to Studio B in Brooklyn with a brand new monthly party called Discovery. The vibe will be a bit different from former FF parties and will include a lot more house, techno, fidget, and booty bouncing bass!

Saturday April 4, 2009
Studio B
259 Banker St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Doors: 10pm
Tickets: $8 advance
here or $12 @ door
Drink Specials: 2-FOR-1 Well Drinks and Beers from 10-12
Age: 19+

And to show you just how epically amazing you could ever hope this night to turn out, check out this majorly plethorical [?] assortment of goodies from the folks you can kick it with this Saturday!

mp3: Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Worthy's Trumpets and Tusks Remix)
mp3: Emerson Todd - My Eyes (Worthy's Blurry Cornea Remix)
mp3: Worthy - Madcap
mp3: Worthy - Station Grape Mixtape
mp3: Brandon Sek - Viceland Minimix

Famous Friends are giving away 10 FREE Tickets! Send an email here with subject DISCOVERY TICKETS for a chance to win a free ticket.