Back in October, I nearly lost my damn mind for X & Hell's track, Don't Stop Movin'. I mean, if there was ever a song that utterly and seamlessly defined how I go through a normal day, it's as simple as the title, beat, and true grit of the track.

For the second official single from their forthcoming LP, Million Dollar Sex Party (April - Illusive), Melbourne's X & Hell reveal the bright slice of rap/electro/pop that is Shades Off.

Warning, if you're looking for a banger, this isn't it, HOWEVER, it's is just as epic as their previous offering. Shades Off morphs from its doo-wop sampled beginnings into a sweet melodic pop hook, onto a monster electro breakdown finale, giving X & Hell space to post a clever and convincing argument for expanding horizons, both in music and life. The female vocals are a slice of heavenly addition as well.

When I say I'm really feeling this track, you best believe I mean it. Primo goodness courtesy of the lads from down under.

mp3: X & Hell - Shades Off