I've been pretty wack in updating you on all things Koko Dozo lately. And by lately, I mean, it's major suckage on my part.

Here's a brief rundown of the goings-ons and goings-ups of the space-age funk duo.

- New song! Gangsta is just that. A bit of filth, a LOT of funk, and overall, a thugged out tasty time in your ears. (snag below)
- Their track, Boomchi, was used in the latest episode of The L Word. Never saw the show, cause I don't get those preemo channels, but thankfully, we've got a clip from the ep, and it's pretty sweet to hear the song used within!

- Koko Dozo is playing Sugarland on February 21. Oy, last time I was there, [ahem Dan], we had too much fun and my outfit looked like a nerdy pirate. Anyways, go check 'em out.

mp3: Koko Dozo - Gangsta