We must REALLY hate the Brighton Port Authority. We don't ever post about the project, we don't promote their contests and we haven't listened to the full album way before you have.

And if you think any of that is the Beast being serious...my lord. It couldn't drip with a thicker sauce of sarcasm.

Now, in all honesty...we do LOVE everything BPA-centric. And lo and behold, they've a new contest. Remember that Toe Jam remix affair? Who entered? I would if I had remix skills. Now, they've gone live with a video competition. Read on:

Create your own video for "Toe Jam" from The BPA's upcoming album I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat and enter your remix for a chance to win!

1. Download "Toe Jam" here
2. Once downloaded, create your own video for "Toe Jam".
3. Add your video to this group (all submissions will be reviewed prior to appearing live on the group page).
4. To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by February 1, 2009. Please review the contest rules, terms and conditions prior to participating in this contest. No purchase necessary

1. Your video featured on The BPA's channel
2. A Pure Digital Technologies Ultra Series Flip Video F260N, 60 Minute Mini Camcorder with USB Connector
3. a prize pack from The BPA, including the entire Fatboy Slim catalog on vinyl!

Whilst I do not have the dj/remix/audio skil set, y'all best be on your, ahem, "toes" when it comes to video editing, cause I'm just sayin' I MAY OR MAY NOT be an awesome editor, having once created a music video filmed on my camera phone in :15 second intervals.

Get shooting!

Need inspiration? Check the archives for BPA Toe Jam goodness, or give an ear to another track, featuring the best body in rock, Iggy Pop.

mp3: The BPA - He's Frank (Slight Return)