And it was good. Pip Brown.

Ladyhawke makes hooky electronic pop music that looks to the eighties charts for inspiration but still fits comfortably amidst the Paris-London-Melbourne axis of modern electro.

On his remix of her single My Delirium, Fan Death moves away from the quicker, "Knight Rider rock" of the original, keeping things at half-time with some sluggish keyboards and padded drum samples. A slower electro reworking that still kills because the fantastic chorus hook has been left untouched.

RCRD LBL link: Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Fan Death Remix)

* per previous post, i had to get out of that nonsense outfit i was sporting...bosses that weren't supposed to be in today, decided to stroll up on me about an hour ago...blast! 3 hours til quitting time.