After opening for Beirut and Evangelicals and packing Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery at CMJ, Miracles of Modern Science have put to tape four tracks of their orchestral space pop -- the staples of their ecstatic live show.

Best part about it (other than the superbly quality caliber of their arrangements)? Let's copy you in on how it was delivered to us.

[Miracles of Modern Science’s debut EP] is being released through Amazing Wow, a new label that rejects the notion of music piracy, and offers all its music for free download.

Normally we would not be so jazzed about such a concept, but seeing as how the entire blog world has been hit by a post genocide in the past few months, we couldn't ask for a better drop.

Basically, (and not to sound egotistical) we get a lot of free music sent our way, and normally don't make such a big deal about it. But being that smaller sites like this have been getting attacked for posting music and having posts immediately deleted without warning (even when given free reign from artists themselves), it was refreshing to receive the MOMS EP with the free precursor.

It's been a struggle lately to get new good music out there lately, seeing as how we post in fear of having our efforts removed without notice, even when done legally.

Download the full EP here. It's worth your time.

mp3: Miracles of Modern Science - 524