The Rhythm EP is the debut release from Kansas City producer Norrit as well as the first release on the newly minted Think 2wice Records. Based in Kansas City and run by the group Tactic, the focus of Think 2wice will be on a broad cross section of the uptempo sounds crushing parties all over the

With his tracks already receiving attention from heavy hitters like HeavyFeet, Kissy Sellout, Eli Escobar and Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold), The Rhythm EP is sure to open many more people eyes to Norrit.

The title track Feel The Rhythm revisits the classic filtered French House sound with its feet firmly planted in a modern style for a fantastic result.

Unless you live under a rock or completely hate the types of music offerings we provide, then you've already heard this song on many another site similar to this. But since we haven't given it to you yet, what say you show Norrit some love, hit up his Space, and groove this [dreadfully rainy] day away.

mp3: Norrit - Make You Love Me

*worst post title I've probably ever concocted...but it's true