Today is the day that we turn the site over to our loyal readers. When we put out an open call for submissions of reviews on Britney Spears' new album, Circus, we thought we'd get a small handful of entries. So not the case.

Upwards of 100 emails, messages and comments came flying back at us, making our selection process all that much tougher. Initially we were going to just post all reviews in full, but you guys went batshit crazy for this task and have thus forced us to select some highlights. (If you do not see your review/excerpt posted here, our sincerest apologies, yet total appreciation! Yes we did read them all, but edited for space/similar reviews.)

Let's reev-YOU!

I wasn’t always a B Spears fan. I mean of course I liked her but I was never a “fan” mostly because she was having sexytime with my husband, Justin Timberlake. Since she went to Crazytown though I’ve fallen in love. Blackout started this pop love affair and Circus is sealing the deal forever. Typically I’m more of the mega pop dance tracks but this time around Unusual You has captivated me. It’s been on repeat since getting the album and I don’t see it coming off anytime soon. Oh B Spears… You + Me = BFF
- Julie Gong

What do you get when you have every songwriter/producer on the globe handing in songs and tracks for an artist? You get "Circus." Granted, not all of the songs on here are exceptional, but "Womanizer" is so infectious that it has become Britney's first chart-topper since 1999’s “…Baby One More Time.” The other gem on "Circus" to immediately cultivate is "Out From Under," which may just be her best ballad to date. "Radar" was so good on "Blackout" that it is making an encore appearance as the last track on "Circus." Rightfully so, as this too, is one of "her" strongest to date. I put "her" in quotes, because as usual, Britney had little to do with the development of these songs. That being said, "Circus" has its spotlight tracks that are undeniable ear worms, whether you like "her" or not.
- Allison

Overall, Circus is a grower not a shower like Blackout. The more I listen the more I like a lot of the tracks such as Mannequin, Lace and Leather and Rock Me In. Amnesia is the Lucky of 2008. My Baby = boooooo!!!! I actually LOVE Out From Under and Unusual You....... I'm a total sucker!
- Ronnie

It's always been hard for me to stomach Britney's super cheesy pop songs and ballad attempts of yester-year. Alas, crazy does Britney well (well maybe just studio-genius producers.) With Circus, Britney accepts the fact that she's just an entertainer and a ring leader commanding the public. When this album does well (Kill the Lights, Unusual You, Trouble, Phonography) it soars, but when it hits the sour notes (Out from Under, Mm Papi, Rock Me In, My Baby...) it's nauseating. No matter what Britney does, the public will embrace her so welcome back, Britney.

Best believe if Britney put up a tent tomorrow, I'd be first in line. 4.5 out of 5; the EXCELLENT tracks (Circus, If U Seek Amy, Phonography etc.) outweigh the missteps by a long-shot.
- David K.

I like "Unusual You" because it's so serene.
- Kirk

...I thought Blur was one of the best tracks!
- Dan

I'm just putting it out there, Phonography should not be a bonus track. Hottest bit on the album and I would like to see it be a single!
- It's Britney, betch

I have to admit that this album falls just short of Blackout for me. Bring back crazy Britney!
- Jen

Overall, I like the album, but miss Timbaland's style on it.
- Carrie and T.

I love Lady GaGa and was glad to see she did the song Quicksand for Brit. 2 divas working it together!
- Jesse

Mannequin should be called Manne-CANT. Her vocals are average at best on this track.
- Disappointed

Love only goes so far to describe this album. It's come to the point unbridled obsession. Dark and mysterious tracks mixed with flights of whimsy and playfulness make it a must-own in '08.
- Slave4U

Did you know that remixes of tracks off of Circus are already spewing forth? Have a listen to the Flashlight remix of Shattered Glass. (the original track, according to my iTunes play count, is my favorite, read=most played. go figure.)

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