Going on our 12th straight hour* of listening to nothing but the new album, Circus, by Britney Spears, we thought we'd tire of the pop princess and her subsequent tracks. We've yet to hit the wall. So what better time to bust out some Track Marks.

First some background.

Circus is the sixth studio album from American pop singer Britney Spears. It will be properly released in the United States on December 2, 2008, which is Spears's 27th birthday. The first single, Womanizer, became Spears's first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 since her debut ...Baby One More Time, almost 10 years prior

Let's give ol' girl some grades.

1. Womanizer [3:43]
K. Briscoe, The Outsyders

The first single from what is being hailed as Spears' "real comeback" saw great success on the charts, the radio, and in the hearts of fans. I was suspect about the track when I first heard it, but like any good soldier, I powered on, and wouldn't you know it grew on me. Slowly. Like hair that had been once shaved and shorn. BURN! Solid effort on the debut track from this album.
Track Mark: B

2. Circus [3:12]
Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke

Immediately dug this one upon the 6-song sampler leak. The full version does it so much more justice. Sure the lyrical metaphors used are predictable, but isn't that we've come to expect? Hell if I don't get the line "All eyes on me / in the center of the ring / just like a circus / uh huh" continually etched in my brain though.
Track Mark: A-

3. Out from Under [3:54]
Guy Sigsworth

I can't help but always think about that "fromunda cheese" joke when this one comes on. Pretty much sums up this track for me. Reminds me too much of Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, and as you can guess, we hated.
Track Mark: D

4. Kill the Lights [3:59]
Danja, Jim Beanz

Danja always does Britney right. He single handedly gave me an obsession last year in the tracks he produced for Blackout. While the mention of the "new Queen of Pop" is boastful at best, on this one, I'd begrudgingly oblige. We're in LOVE with the "Mr. Photographer / I'm ready for my closeup" bit. It's like Norma Desmond if she lived in present-day Los Angeles. And didn't kill someone.
Track Mark: B+

5. Shattered Glass [2:53]
Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly

OK, so we have to admit a burning passion we have for this one. Even though the track feels superiorly unfinished (something is just off about it), it's been one that we constantly strut down the sidewalk to. LOVE when it kicks in after the twinkles in the beginning. The dichotomy between the faster paced verses and the slightly slower chorus is perfect for our tastes. And again, them there twinkling sounds in the pre-chorus makes us giddy with glee.
Track Mark: B+

6. If U Seek Amy [3:37]
Max Martin

Even before anyone heard this track, it was being hailed as the higlight of the album. I'd have to disagree. Yes, Max Martin is a lyrical genius and in no way do I discount the brilliance of the cadence used when "If U Seek Amy" is vocalized. But I've gotta pull a free pass on this one, and say that if it ceased to be on this album, it would not have hurt the overall dynamic of it. It's basically Spears' big fat middle digit to the haters.
Track Mark: B

7. Unusual You [4:23]
Bloodshy & Avant

A dark and synthy electro track that I can't quit. It's Bloodshy and Avant at work in this one. Spears isn't half bad on the jam either. I almost feel like it's an attempt at recreating Madonna's Frozen. But, obviously, falls short.
Track Mark: B

8. Blur [3:09]

I can't do it. Sure it's a slower, almost ballad-type. But it sounds more like a song you could toke to than one you'd want on at your party, or in your boudoir.
Track Mark: C-

9. Mmm Papi [3:22]
Let's Go To War and Nicole Morier

First off, I am in love with Nicole Morier, she of Electrocute fame. Creating catchy tunes that will no doubt get stuck in your head, she pens a space-agey track for Spears, that if nothing else, will make you laugh every single time you hear her say "Mmm Papi".
Track Mark: B-

10. Mannequin [4:06]
Rob Knox, Harvey Mason, Jr.

Here's the thing. When I first heard the 1:40 seconds of this in the sketchy Spears dance rehearsal video that littered YouTube for weeks, I knew I'd love it. I also knew I would thus learn the dance moves from said visual. So you know, if anyone wants to have dance class at my apartment, you're more than welcome to join in. Vocals slightly struggle on this one though and could be way more powerful...especially on the "If you wanna / scream your lungs out" line.
Track Mark: B

11. Lace and Leather [2:48]
Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly

Those cheeky bastards Benny Blanco and Dr. Luke have created a sinfully delicous track that falls under 3 minutes. Any longer and I may have lost interest. Love the chunked out bass in it. Didn't think it could get any dirtier than Blackout's Get Naked (I Got a Plan)? Think again. And then revisit that thought at #15 below.
Track Mark: A-

12. My Baby [3:20]
Guy Sigsworth

Tiny hands? Really, that's how you're going to start this track? Over it before it even began. I don't do Britney ballads.
Track Mark: D

13. Radar [3:49]
Bloodshy & Avant, The Clutch

First off...WTF? Why is this track on here again? Don't particularly love it and can't say I 100% hate it. If I had never heard it before, I'd give it a higher score, but be that as it may, 'tis not the case.
Track Mark: C+

Bonus Tracks

14. Rock Me In (European and Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) [3:17]
Greg Kurstin, Nicole Morier

Finally! Greg Kurstin, he of The Bird and the Bee fame, makes an appearnce. When paired with Morier, magic happens. Right? There's a reason this one is a bonus track, in my opinion. Lacks substance and floats all over the place. Much like a bird. Or a bee.
Track Mark: B-

15. Phonography (European and Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Bloodshy & Avant, The Clutch

Without a doubt, my favorite track on the album, and it's a dang bonus track! Bloodshy and Avant work their skills to the max on this one. I've heard that it sounds similar to Lady GaGa's Love Game, which I get. I immediately likened it to Kylie Minogue's Speakerphone, which the duo also penned. Britney's speaking in pure similes and metaphors in this one and if you don't know what she's talking about when she begs for her "hands-free" [headset, presumably...ha!] then please sign up for the first sex-ed class you can find. I will, no doubt, forever be enamored with this track.
Track Mark: A+

16. Quicksand (European iTunes Deluxe Bonus Track) [4:05]
Fernando Garibay, Lady GaGa

Speaking of GaGa, we've finally hit the track she graciously gave to Ms. Spears. Not quite a ballad and not quite the thumper you might expect from the glamemd out, blonde banged out diva. If I didn't know Lady GaGa was responsible for this one prior to hearing it, I totally would've guessed right that this was her work. Thankfully, it's just a bonus track.
Track Mark: B

17. Amnesia (Japanese & UK Bonus Track) [3:57]
Fernando Garibay

Per above...not that bonus tracks are bad. Again, one of the songs vying for my utmost love is the perfectly arranged, Amnesia. The first verse is dark and then the chorus is something you might to hear from The Pipettes. It's got a great 50's girl group type of vibe. We're completely digging the "I get amnesia / when I'm standing next to yo-oh-ou". Proof positive that a glance back into Spears' past works well for her on this track.
Track Mark: A

18. Trouble (iTunes Pre-order Bonus Track) [3:35]
Bloodshy & Avant, The Clutch

Oy. Do not want. Guessing that Spears' uses a vocoder on this track is like shooting fish in a barrel. Again, we stress. DO NOT WANT.
Track Mark: D

19. Rock Boy (German Bonus Track)
Germany can have it.

Track Mark: C-

Overall, what say we about Britney Spears' Circus? It's a solid B+, bordering on A- status. If it was 15 Phonography style tracks, I'd have to go change my pants, but since that's obviously not the case, we can't grade it any higher. Is this Spears' big comeback? When you pair it with last year's Blackout in a combined effort, I'd give it a resounding yes.

As for that cover artwork, we're not here to judge that...yikes.

What say you about Britney Spears' Circus? We'd love to know! Shoot us some words here on what you think and we'll so a re-cap post on Friday with the best reader reviews!

* I shit you not when I say I listened to this on repeat from the time I walked out the door this morning, until, well, it's still on now. I have problems.