A lot of people ask me why I don't post bad reviews or music I don't like here. Why waste the time bashing something when in the same breath, you can say something positive?

For instance, I get a lot of not so hot stuff emailed to me asking for a review, a link, anything. Rather than trash them, I simply write back with a "thanks for the nod and keep it up!"

On the other hand, there are the rare occasions when someone emails me something that I simply must post. For example, Elika. There's a slight baroque quality to the brief introduction I've had to Elika's music. And by all means, that's a perfect way to be greeted by this duo.

Formed in New York in 2005 by Evagelia Maravelias and Brian Wenckebach, indie/electro/pop group from Brooklyn create an aurally ambient sound that treats listeners with surprising sounds around every key stroke and drum beat.

Their debut album Trying Got Us Nowhere was released on February 18, 2008 coinciding with their British tour. The album is Elika’s first release on Fiercely Independent Records, a UK-based independent record label. Self described as “blissed-out [ambiance] with head-nodding beats that range from Downtempo to Trance to IDM", you can rest assure that with every track, you'll have a new experience.

Upon first listen, I likened their sound to Garbage meets Ladytron. And I'm sticking by that. Because I love both of those acts, and if Elika proves to follow suit, they've only scratched the surface of great things to come.

You can catch an Elika DJ set on July 1 at Rebel Rebel Party @ Lit. It's free, it's a glam party, there's free vodka until midnight. Show your face, and show some love!

mp3: Elika - The Whip