Today's posts seem to be full of all of my 2008 favorites to date. What can I say? If they keep uploading these spicy new tracks, what's a Beaston to do? Post them?


NYC born and bred favorite, JoyLuv hits us up with a new track today. Previously, I couldn't get enough of Heartbeat and Release Me. Now, there is a new piece of brilliance to add to the repertoire. Falling sees the electropop dynamo dabbling with harmonies in thirds and fifths both above and below the melody.

The beat behind it all is still thumping as ever. In all of 2:31 of the song, JoyLuv describes her attraction to someone's persistance, but watch out, she's gonna keep her guard up.

She's falling. Let her go...

mp3: JoyLuv - Falling

(next post is #300, and I suppose I'll do what I mentioned in an earlier post today)