I'm not sure how I slept on this one, but we're waking up all over it this morning.

Almost 6 months ago, a friend introduced me to Lazee, a hip-hop/garage artist brought up in Malmö, Sweden. And I'm just now getting around to writing about him. Shame, shame, shame on me.

At the age of 13 his mom sent him to London to "make something of himself". Six years later, he returned to Malmö with the intention of finishing his first hip-hop album. Known initially more for his mixtapes than solo work, he's quickly changing minds.

His first single, Rock Away, starts as though you're about to hear a traditional Irish pub song. Weird, right? But then it launches into a bass heavy, rock influenced hip-hop track with a great amount of electro thrown in for added spice.

Given the right marketing and promotion of the single, I can easily see this being a huge club hit. So, um, yeah. Someone should jump on that.

mp3: Lazee - Rock Away