Longest. Post. Title. Ever? (or just lyrics to Tim Curry's Paradise Garage, which are all too apropos considering the news)


Yesterday was a good day. A really good day. Began with a trip to Pier 59 to thwack some golf balls at the driving range with brother and sister, followed by a relaxing midafternoon foodage across the street at The Park. (note: drinks with green tea liqueur in them are wildly delicious!)

At meal's end, I pulled out my Touch to do a quick blogroll scan, which always includes a pop over to the New York magazine entertainment blog, Vulture, specifically the daily posts tagged as Right-Click.

Lo and behold, they picked up my Rihanna post from yesterday! (Check out the original post on their site here, or click here to see a large scan of Sheena Beaston's name in lights.

Below, the aforementioned Timmy C track, which is so deliciously campy.

mp3: Tim Curry - Paradise Garage
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Tip of the cap to the lads, Dan and Lane, for the mention!