Ok, this might just go down as the raddest most excellent contest I've ever hosted. Partially because of the product name, but ALSO because of what exactly this killer piece of technology does. Boys and girls, I present, the Rad Blaster...along with the chance to win one of three [3] that I'm giving away!

Here's the deal. Rad Blasters are the first ever boombox/mp3 player/recorder & flash drive/thumb drive. It allows you to rock out in headphones, bump beats through built-in speakers, spit rhymes into its recorder or safely store files all while it hangs from your neck by a blingin’ chain. YES, not only does it do rad techy stuff, but you can rock it 'round your neck.

The Rad Blaster also includes a 1.1 inch true color LED screen, supports MP3/WMA/WAV audio formats and has 2GB of built-in memory. Count me in!

So here's where we get all sorts of radly charitable. I've got 3 Rad Blasters at my disposal, and to top it off, I'm going to load it up with a TON of exclusively killer tunes, as selected by yours truly. So how do you win?

Let's tweet! Start by following me on twitter, if you're not already. Then simply copy, paste, and hit send so I can see the below message, and you're entered. Easy peasy!

hey @sheenabeaston, you're pretty rad, but i'd be so much more kickass than you if you hooked me up with a rad blaster from @superradtoys

Contest will be open until 5pm on Monday, December 21, so you've got a week to get rad and get entered! And hey, even if you don't win, you can buy a Rad Blaster here...it's a pretty great deal.

mp3: The Aquabats - Super Rad