With the release of her debut album, Ultraviolet, last month, Kid Sister has slapped the blogosphere silly with her right hand held high. Packing a powerful punch over twelve fun and unique tracks anchored by her first single, we wanted to get into the mind of Melisa Young.

Want to know some secrets about the Chicago chica? Read on where you can find out what's on tap for upcoming singles, where to get a rad meal and what hidden talents she posseses.

SB: Melisa! How are you?

KS: I'm good...wait, were you the one at my album release party, with the glasses? We met and I saw you in the video from it!

SB: [laughs] Yeah, that was me! I had such a blast that night. Congratulations are in order though, because your debut album, Ultraviolet, is so solid and I can't stop playing it.

KS: Aww, thank you so much. That makes me feel all nice and fuzzy inside!

SB: You're on a roll too! You just had a great show here in New York City last Friday, and recently, you were over in London to play Annie Mac's Koko Night.

KS: Yeah, let me tell you. Annie has been a really big supporter from the beginning, so now that the album is out, it just seemed fitting to go over and do a show with her.

SB: That's so rad! Well let's talk about the album then. I'm wondering if you had any fears or worries about including some of the songs, since some of them, namely your first single, Control, came out well over two and half years ago.

KS: Oh my god, no! Control is like THE song. I was like, "I need to use this to close out the album, because it's such a strong song!" So, we never had any questions about that.

SB: It is the perfect song to end on! Some of the other tracks, we hear you in a different light it seems. Namely Daydreaming and You Ain't Really Down...I mean, you are really belting it out on those ones! How did you move from the style of you being a true rapper into the realm of singing?

KS: Well it's something I've always loved doing, so I never really questioned myself with the singing. You know, as long as it feels right and it sounds good, then hey, whatever!

SB: Honestly, I think You Ain't Really Down might be my favorite cut on the album. How did you decide you wanted to do a cover of that Status 4 classic?

KS: Thanks! Um, well I've been listening to that track probably since I was about 11. So I think that it just came naturally. I've really been so much in love with Chicago house music ever since I first heard it. It just made sense for me to include it on the album, because it's SUCH a favorite of that scene. Like you can't really go out to a club here and NOT hear it. You know, pay homage to the house...and everything that came before me!

SB: Well that leads me right into the next question then. There's a definite feel to the album that you're pulling on major influences. Want to chat about who you find inspiration from?

KS: Honestly, I listened to nothing but classical until I was 11 years old! And then, I discovered house, pop and hip-hop, and basically just fused them all together. And of course, most of the music I listen to now is that mid to late 90s r&b sound. So I put them all together in one big pail and that's what I classify myself as...just a mix of so many things.

SB: Your first single on the album, Right Hand Hi, has been all over and loved by so many people. It's an absolute smash. I don't know if you could tell, but at your NYC show here, the crowd went completely bananas for it!

KS: Oh my god! [laughs] I know, they were going CRAZY!

SB: It was so awesome to witness. After a hit like that, how do you follow up? Are there plans for what the next single will be?

KS: I believe it's going to be Daydreaming.

SB: Oh, killer! I love that one so much. So aside from performing and putting the album out, I wanted to ask you about the episode of Dinner With the Band that you filmed recently.

KS: Ohhhh, yeah. Well let me break it down. It was actually filmed in August. Let me tell you, I love those boys so much, but there was no air conditioning in the house. It was soooo hot in there! So then you start cooking, and it gets even hotter. I was like "Greeeeg...it's too hot in here!" [laughs] I do love those guys and Sam, the chef, was cool too, although he's a bit of a control freak and wouldn't let me help! But I guess you kind of have to be when you have so many people in the kitchen.

SB: No doubt! Alright, just to finish up, I'm going to spout off some quick questions, and if you want to just give a quick response, we're good to go.

KS: Let's do it!

SB: Favorite spot in Chicago?

KS: Kuma's Corner. BEST hamburger place in America. Please come and visit and we'll go!

SB: [laughs] Ok! Favorite city you've ever had a show in?

KS: Well, if it's a city that's not my own, New York is always great. Oh, and LA. And I like San Francisco, and of course Austin. There's too many!

SB: If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?

KS: I'd probably be a dog whisperer.

SB: Wait, did you just say dog whisperer? Hold on, I know we were going for short answers here, but you HAVE to explain this.

KS: Ok, well if music didn't work out, I'd probably first go back to school, get my masters, and be a social worker. BUT on the weekends, I would absolutely be a dog whisperer. I'm telling you, I can tame ANY dog. So, my dog used to be such an asshole, and she was the world's most annoying animal, and I broke her. [laughs]

SB: [laughs] I guess I don't have to ask my next question then. I was going to check to see if you had any hidden talents, but I suppose that pretty much covers it.

KS: [laughs] Oh yes. I am a dog whisperer. And also, ok, this is going to sound pretty crazy. But, I'm a little bit psychic. I get these strong hunches about things and then they come true.

SB: [laughs] You have some amazing mind control going on!

KS: [laughs] Yeah well, the psychic stuff is never anything practical though! It's like never enough to do anything cool with. Get this, I was in line for security at the airport. And there was a man standing a ways in front of me. Perfectly normal looking guy. And I got this strong feeling that he was going to have bad body odor. So, I ended up standing closer to him, and he definitely did! See...it's like useless psychic powers, it's not for anything practical! [laughs]

SB: Ok, one last question. If you had a dream duet with any artist, who would it be and why?

KS: Extreme! I want to sing More Than Words with them. [laughs] Mostly because I really want to ask them if that song is about fellatio!

SB: [laughs] Hahaha! That's the rumor!

KS: Seriously, isn't that what everyone says it's about? I need to know!

SB: Well, maybe this is where your psychic powers come into play. Try to get into the minds of Extreme and see what's up!

KS: [laughs] Oh my god, that's hilarious!

SB: On that note, I'll leave you with that task, but thanks for having a chat with me!

KS: Hey, no problem...have a good one my baby!

SB: You too!

Kid Sister's Ultraviolet is out now via Downtown. Buy it here.

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