With each passing day, it seems like my admiration for Rihanna seems to extend a bit further. While many panned her latest album, Rated R, I've been reveling in it...rolling around in the dark and emotional tones...much like our dear Riri rolls around in the mud. Say what?

Earlier this afternoon, Rihanna debuted the video for her latest single, Hard. It's a street-stomping, "I'm'a cut you" kind of track that is nowhere near short of heavy hits and insinuating lyrics. With a brand spankin' new video to give your best salute to, Rihanna steps up her sexy and marches to the beat of her own drums.

Watch now!

I love it. Everything about it. If the military is anything like this, then I;m enlisting now.

More importantly, have you jumped on my Rihanna contest? You can see her live in NYC this Saturday, for FREE, courtesy of this beast, by entering here. We're so hard.

mp3: Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Max Methods Remix)