Once in a very blue moon, I'll catch Saturday Night Live when it airs in it's 12:35am time slot. This past weekend, Blake Lively hosted the extremely hit or miss affair, with musical guest Rihanna. Naturally, funnyman, Andy Samberg, corraled the Barbadian beauty's vocoder-ed voice for a digital short entitled Shy Ronnie.

The skit sees Rihanna in the role of "tutelage via autotune", complete with hypeman/sidekick, Shy Ronnie, played by the aforementioned Samberg.

Watch the hilarity now!

This brings the major LOLs for this "I needed a good belly laugh" beast.

What's your favorite part? I'm still stuck on the echoy delicious "Speak up!", although the whole piece is infinitely funny!

mp3: Rihanna (featuring Andy Samberg) - Shy Ronnie