It's loud, it's grumbly, and it's all kinds of echoliciously shouty. In summation it's POPO, and the first of their tracks to come forth, Knife iz Yung. The Philadelphia brothers make no excuses, and even less sense, but something about their off kilter musical style resonates so clearly.

Barely scratching the one-and-a-half minute mark, Knife iz Yung is surf rock agony with your schizophrenic brother screaming at you while you try and thrash on your drumkit.

Seriously, this track makes us crazy...crazy in love. For more rad POPO-ness, check out the equally superb, Final Fight demo over on their 'Space.

The brothers will be headed to Los Angeles in early 2010 to work with Diplo and Ariel Rechtshaid, in preparation for their first official single and eventual debut album. Also, upcoming live show dates here.

mp3: POPO - Knife iz Yung