Thunderous Olympian, he of 22 years old and hailing from the ruralest of Kansas, now brings a powerful hammer swing to his current digs in Chicago. The young lad has quite the handle on the techno house scene, as evidenced by his recent release, the adequately titled, Turbo Charged EP.

Turbo Charged is TO's first vinyl release (after a string of mp3s, remixes, and crazy hyper-illegal bootleg remixes). It's 4 tracks of INTENSELY dancefloor-friendly party bangers touching on elements of techno, deep house, jack trax, and classic rave. It’s all shimmery, unforgettably catchy melodies flittering over novel rhythm arrangements and mad bassline pressure.

Dudeman's songs make my pulse race and my sweat flow in extreme fashion. It's basically the best heart attack you could ever hope for!

Below, the track list, and after that, you know we've got a freebie for you.

A1 Hard Mode
A2 Jack (The Movie)
B1 The Sermon
B2 Cars

Thunderous Olympian's Turbo Charged EP will be out later this month. Stay tuned here.

mp3: Thunderous Olympian - Jack (The Movie)