Are you ready for one of the raddest bits you'll receive all week? Mid last month, I let you in on a secret that Fear Of Tigers, the one-man mixing and mastering machine, would be giving us an early Christmas present today. Well kiddos, the time is nigh and we're relishing in it!

Influenced by everyone from The Cure to Aphex Twin, FOT, aka Benjamin Berry, releases Cossus Snufsigalonica, a free album containing ten tracks of ridiculously rad power. What does that odd title signify?

Dudeman notes: "It’s not a secret but it is a cryptic reference to something wonderful. I don’t want to say too much and I’ll be impressed if anyone can work it out."

Hey, I'm all for not knowing, as long as we're privy to all this heat in free fashion. Track list is below, as well as the link to the full album, and one of my favorite cuts from within.

1. I Can Make Your Pain Disappear
2. Please Don't Leave
3. What Did I Do?
4. The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump
5. Friday Night at Geek Club
6. Cossus Snufsigalonica
7. Study Hard Drugs School
8. The Rich Cry Too
9. Sirkka
10. Calling Your Name

zip file: Fear Of Tigers - Cossus Snufsigalonica
mp3: Fear Of Tigers - What Did I Do