In case you've been a hermit in hiding over the past few months (nee, nearly a year if you're a nerd like us), then you're unaware that eveything is coming up Delphic. Being that the Manchester dudes are producing some of the most expertly crafted etherealectro, major institutions are beiginning to take note of what many a blogger has been heralding as the best new music.

That said, Delphic isn't leaving the bros of the blogworld behind. The debut single off their upcoming album, Acolyte, is the wondrously soaring and instantly repeatable, Doubt. The stems for the song are being offered up for free for anyone who wants to throw their hat into the remix ring.

Here's the catch. You'll have to do a bit of bloghopping to get all the stems. Parts are available at the following: Neon Gold, Big Stereo, Electrorash, Fucking Dance, Hot Biscuits, The Mix Tape, Too Many Sebastians, and Trash Menagerie.

Or you can just stay put...and gobble up the below tracks. Options are rad!

Delphic's Acolyte is out January 11 via Polydor.

mp3: Delphic - Doubt
mp3: Delphic - Alterstate
mp3: Everything Everything - My Keys, Your Boyfriend (Delphic Remix)