Only cause I can and I feel like it, I'm piecing together this post...somewhat out of the blue. Chelley's Took The Night has been on fairly nonstop here in Beastonia, since hearing it at the Papermag Awards a few days ago. So we share and we shall.

Sure, you can say this has no relevance to anything new going on, but I really just feel like stuffing your stockings and helping you light the first candle of the mmenorah (or the room) ablaze with 3 very different takes on the track.

One is simply rad. One you can easily cuddle to. And one of them, you will most definitely have a heart attack to.

I'll leave it up to you beasts to figure out which is which. Now let's get this weekend started, and be sure to take the night!

mp3: Chelley - Took The Night (Grum Remix)
mp3: Chelley - Took The Night (Nitra M Remix)
mp3: Chelley - Took The Night (The Only Remix Edit)