You know what the mark of really well produced music is? For starters, there are some naked chickees roller skating on the cover of this image, and I hadn't even noticed because I was too busy dancing around to this slick mash from Simon Iddol. That, in summation, is pretty killer.

Simon Iddol is one part mixer, one part creator of the fantastic site, Audio Porn Central. Today, we focus on the first aspect of his world of fun...the mashup production madness that he embodies.

Long story short, duderman takes the vocals from one of his all time favorite songs in Zoot Woman's We Won't Break, and lays them ever so gently on top of one of his current favorite songs in newcomer Rockets' Golden Strings. The result? Holy disco rollerskating radness...we're in love!

The track will be featured on his upcoming mashup EP, Pop Iz Life.

mp3: Zoot Woman vs Rockets - We Won't String (Simon Iddol Mash)