Did they or didn't they break up? After swirling rumors of exhaustion and tensions after 1/4 of superpower babies, The XX, departed, much was to be weighed in on the hows and whys of the sudden news. All we can gather is that the 20 year old young'un was spent...after a nonstop touring schedule, it's not hard to imagine why.

But that's not to be focused on, because we are drooling over a blogger fave's new mix of the London troupe's iconic song, Shelter.

Death to the Throne has long been popping up here in Beastonia. And while he is bummed out that he didn't notch into DJ Mag's Top 100 list, that hasn't stopped him from cranking out a major mix, which we might be able to call his personally vendetta'd opus against the results.

He says: "Apparently, I don't make enough "guido" house. If anything, I thought I made too much, but I was wrong. So I made this remix, which sounds like David Guetta having sex with another David Guetta, while being watched by a bunch of David Guettas."

Whether he's being serious or silly, there's one fact that is undeniable.

We are in love with this mix and no list can make us say otherwise.

mp3: The XX - Shelter (Death to the Throne Remix)