First off, no, I'm not just now jumping on the Wiz Khalifa wagon. Dude reps Pittsburgh, where I spent the first [XX] years of my life, and thanks to PSaMP, have long been a fan of his. So there! Second, The White Panda are back with a killer crusher of a mash, that makes me dig the boys so much more.

Pairing my hometown boy with the Slovenian dudes, Umek and Beltek, and a layered guest by Usher, TWP makes me get on up with the get down in this rad reworking of three songs that fit pretty tightly together!

mp3: Wiz Khalifa vs Umek and Beltek vs Usher - Army of Yeah (The White Panda Mash)

And cause it's almost Thanksgiving, we're dosing you with all of the originals in this mash. Say turkey!

mp3: Usher - Yeah
mp3: Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah
mp3: Umek and Beltek - Army Of Two