We've been anxiously waiting for the debut of The Sounds' video for Beatbox, the second single from their 3rd studio album, Crossing the Rubicon. Fear not, dear followers of the Swedish new-wave outfit, for the time is nigh. Meaning...yeah, we've got the vid now.

In a darkly lit and scarily invaded forest of natives, we find Maja and the boys being chased by some greased up muscly men. And oooh boy, do they look piping mad! Luckily, there's a large body of water nearby for the troupe to take refuge in...and you know, play their instruments.

Watch the video now.

Are we scared? Do we love the gratutitous calf zooms? Do we dig the underwater performance?

Hey, I love The Sounds like no other, so I'm gonna say, yes, yes, YES!

mp3: The Sounds - 4 Songs and a Fight