Justin Faust has long been known around these parts as the lord of the dreamwave-aliciously rad dance floor killers while making you simultaneously shake and swoon. So an early morning email received from the German gent is always a treat and makes me spring forth from my slumber chamber and get to getting on!

This Faust fix revolves around the already tasty tune belonging to Boston boys, Nightriders, with Take My Hand.

The original is a slick space ride through the stratosphere, but Faust does what he does best: giving the song the "Justin Jumps" in that we're now entrenched in an early AM sweatfest due to his deep bass addition. Yeah, it's a bit of a contrast from the JF mixes you're used to, but I guarantee you're going to love it all the same.

Hits play, and repeat. Got it? Play and repeat.

mp3: Nightriders - Take My Hand (Justin Faust Deep Mix)