There are a handful of emerging artists that we're super jazzed to be writing about. We'd like to make a broad and altogether sweeping statement and say they'll all be massively successful within the next year, however, we know how fickle the lifespan of a blogworthy artist can be. One talent who defies that logic, however, is Maluca. We'll say it now. SHE WILL BE HUGE IN 2010.

Earlier this month, we had a chance to sit and talk with the fiery mami, who calls the Mad Decent label home. We rapped on everything from family and early girl group careers, to the evolution of her ridiculously amazing song, El Tigeraso.

And now, the video for the track has been officially released. Give it a go below!

Can we take a minute to drink it all in? Ok...whew. We love everything about this.

mp3: Maluca - El Tigeraso vs Toadally Krossed Out vs Vince the Prince
mp3: Maluca - El Tigeraso (Sabbo Remix)