After a most amazing [read=quite possibly best of my blogging life] weekend, we've got a rejuvenated pep in our step and feel like we're floating on an energized cloud of radness right now. So when we got a quick hit on the almighty twitter, from Aussie newcomers, Kids At Midnight, we decided to pay it forward. Oh, and the song is quite excellent too!

KAM are Jane and Richard, a duo of Melbournians who create dreamy indiepop that soothes, calms and generally puts a smile on your face.

With all of 3 tracks, which you can stream on their 'Space, Kids have captured my most excellent mood with the song, Let You Slide. Sure, maybe the lyrics are about leaving and letting go, but those twinkly and shiny undertones are enough to sweeten my day even more.

Have a listen and have a love.

mp3: Kids At Midnight - Let You Slide