Wha what! How excited was I when I got an email this morning with the subject line "NEW KELIS TRACK"? Um, as if the "all caps" wasn't enough to let you know, then let me tell you a lil' something about the respect I have for her.

Back when she was sporting a blonde afro and rapping something fierce? I loved. When she chopped her hair off and went all sleekish with her sultry singing? We swooned.

Now, comes the debut of a new song...a highly anticipated, long overdue, and oh yeah, a pretty radically rad rad track, by the name of Acapella. Premiered earlier today on her official site, Kelis writes a note to fans to accompany the "OMG I can't wait to burn a dance floor up to this" new song. Here's what she says...

Well walking through the streets of NY this summer...I use the term walking loosely...I was extremely pregnant and probably doing more of a very slow creed down each humid sticky block...people had so much to say to me. You know us New Yorkers don't ever keep anything to our selves...I was asked if I would ever pout another album out. I suppose people assumed after the baby and divorce and all the time I took off (went to culinary school during my break which was amazing and another conversation) that it would be on to motherhood for me. And well that's true...as I lay here with my perfect little won ton now writing you all this message. My answer was always the same. "Soon come guys" ;) and so here we are. My album is pretty much done. I signed a new deal and I'm madly in love with my life and ready to share something with you. My song is called "Acapella" and I wrote it with love in my life in mind. I hope that it finds you well and that you love it, cause honestly I do. Muah!

Mega love right now!

mp3: Kelis - Acapella