One of the albums we've been most psyched to come out early next year is Jack Splash's Technology and Love Might Save Us All... With a bunch of funk, tons of grooving soul and unique vocal stylings, the effort promises to be an eclectic mix of energetic songs.

While the album was initially to be released late this year, it's been pushed back to March 2010. BUT...there is good news.

Jack Splash will release his first mixtape on November 11. Heir to the Throne: Volume 1 is the first in a three-part series, that will all precede his album. Both the mixtape and official release features a number of notable names, including: Kelis, T-Pain and R Kelly, amongst others.

Here's the track list, and below that, the mastered version of a demo track that we fell in love with upon first listen a few months back.

1. Charlie Wilson (The Intro)
2. Girl, I Just Met You!
3. Baatin (Missin U...)
4. U Don't Know What You're Missin (Feat. T-Pain)
5. Little Richard (The Beef)
6. In The Future (feat. Kelis)
7. Sly Stone (The Throne)
8. Like A Ringtone (feat R Kelly & T-Pain)
9. James Brown (2 cute 4 Jail)
10. My Dream Girl (part 1)
11. Luv Slut
12. Rick James (Nasty With The Bass)
13. Tangerine
14. Lauryn Hill (Ain't Crazy)
15. A Little Mo Love Music

mp3: Jack Splash (featuring Kelis) - In the Future