Back in March of this year, I got swept off my feet by The-Dream produced girl quarter of Electrik Red. Having heard singles Drink in My Cup and W.F.Y. prior, a new song was shaping up to secure my solid backing of their efforts. Result? Mission accomplished!

With the release of Friend Lover as the next single, and subsequent video, it was inevitable that the girls would be repetitiously loved and listened to here in Beastonia. With a producer like Dream backing them, it's hard to discount their efforts. Truth be told? Their album, How To Be a Lady: Volume 1, might even end up on some "year end best of" lists 'round here. Just sayin'...

Watch the video, grab the track, and reminisce/love it with me!

I love everything about this song. The jiggity hits, the beat, the harmonies. At the 1:45 mark when they start counting/singing the "rules" of being a friend lover, I lose my ish. Each and every time.

mp3: Electrik Red - Friend Lover