Yeah, we didn't even realize that this Friday was the ultra dark and totally rad 13the of the month until a bit earlier today. Knowing that all sorts of shenanigans can occur on such a date, we got pretty excited for what's to come. Then we caught wind of this party...and now this day/night is going to all out rage!

This Friday, November 13 Roberta's and Deth Killers Present FundRAISING HELL, a benefit party for Brooklyn Grange Farms. All proceeds go towards the new 1 acre rooftop garden so come out to dance, booze and party all night for a good cause. Oh yeah, and I think there will be strippers, so, um...bonus!

Live music courtesy of Team Robespierre, Wild Yaks and Anamanaguchi. DJ sets come from Jon Santos and our pals Lauren Flax and Finger on the Pulse.

There's more information on the Facebook page, or just RSVP here or here.

mp3: Lauren Flax (featuring Sia) - You've Changed
mp3: Team Robespierre - Billz