Lately, I've been on this kick of listening to absolutely gorgeous songs on repeat for extended periods of time...especially when in the throes of a busy workday. It calms the nerves and lowers the stress level. And so goes the tale of my reaffirmed love of Alicia Keys.

With new album, The Element of Freedom, due out December 15, Keys is set to hold a constant spot in the Beaston rotation if her first two singles are any indication of what's to be expected from the full release.

Doesn't Mean Anything, a late summer output that mixes Keys' soulful vocals with a driving beat, was an immediate attractor of my attention. However, new single, Try Sleeping With Broken Heart, which debuted two weeks ago, is exactly THAT song I need in my life to keep me grounded.

In recent interviews, Keys mentioned that many of the songs on the forthcoming release focus largely on huge drums, and Try Sleeping... follows very much in that formula, while continuing to impress with emotionally minded lyrics and a seamlessly perfect arrangement.

Safe to say this will be one of my most listened to songs of the year. Yes, even the Beast pulls away from thumping electropop remixes from time to time, in order to give the utmost credit where due.

mp3: Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart
mp3: Alicia Keys (featuring Lore'l) - Doesn't Mean Anything (Remix)