Make no bones about, the Subdrive crew kids are on a tear through the iNet, in every effort to mkae you sweat like none other. Seriously, I've never left one of their sets without needing a fresh pair of jorts for the ride home.

And now, rising star, VIKING, has taken his buddy, Terror Dactel's track, DTF, and given it a fresh wash of funky electroslicing.

For serious, this mix is the jam. If you're at work, you may have to apologize to your coworkers when they catch you raging out in your cubicle/office.

mp3: Terror Dactel - DTF (VIKING Remix Edit)


Terror Dactel played this mix of the now defunct Danity Kane stomper, Damaged, at BEMF earlier this summer; ever since, I've been itching to get my grimey paws on it. Thankfully, I ran into dudeman on the street last night, and now we can all relish in the radness that is this fireburner!

mp3: Danity Kane - Damaged (Terror Dactel Remix)