There's not a whole lot of time to post about all the insanely rad stuff we have been/are seeing this week, yet one act warrants a hit of my time to rave about. Sleigh Bells are the "noisily hip-hop and rock influenced" Brooklyn based duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. It's safe to say, this unique and superbly talented team is the hottest thing to come out of CMJ. Guaranteed.

There's so many great things I coud tell you about their performance, which consisted of 5 songs, a guitar on 3, a tambourine, and an iPod as a backing track. In short, it was one of the best live shows I've seen all year.

Krauss commanded the stage verging on episodic thrashing convulsions that upped the energy from the get-go of their 3:15pm start time. Miller's frenetic strums of the guitaer added to the intensity and passion of which they relay their songs. Winding down with noted track, Ring Ring, which Abbey debuted on East Village Radio a few weeks ago with us, the only complaint is that we wanted more!

Good thing they're playing Quiet Color's show at Market Hotel tomorrow. We'll be there, along with Anthony, who featured the band last week as well.

Do NOT sleep on Sleigh Bells...big in the rest of 09, HUGE in 2010. Mark my words.

mp3: Sleigh Bells - AB Machines
mp3: Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring