So Rihanna is making a comeback? Frankly, I didn't know that she actually left, considering she's a favorite for tabloid fodder and headline news. But I suppose that yes, it actually has been well over two years since her last album, Good Girl Gone Bad, was released. So with a new album on the way, does this signify the re-emergence of the Barbadian beauty?

Rated R is the 4th studio album by Rihanna and is set for a November 20 release date. Rabid fans of the singer have been anxiously awaiting a proper new album from the singer, after loads of "demos" have found themselves scattered all over this grand iNet.

Most recently, Rihanna debuted new single, Russian Roulette, to a flurry of mixed emotions from both die hard and casual lovers of her music. I, for one, was caught off guard by the unique arrangement, and thought she might opt for a beat heavy banger to burst back on to the scene with. Instead, the Ne-Yo penned power tune raised an air of uncertainty. Did I like it? Was I loving it? Is this what unjustified hate feels like?

Truth be told, we're very much in love with the song (it took some time to realize that), however, we got struck even harder when we heard Max Method's remix. Shit. I might not listen to anything else this afternoon.

mp3: Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Max Methods Remix)