If you thought that Lady Gaga was New York's only darling of the "bad girl scene, you'd be up against some hot opposition. See, one of the Beaston faves, Purple Crush, boasts a genuinely radass badass in frontwoman, Isla.

Sadly, Isla and her boo, Jared, packed their purple parcels and headed out to Los Angeles last week, for a bit of a scenery change. But even though they no longer call NYC a homebase, they're still crushing Cali and everywhere in between with a new mash that pits the dynamic duo with the pop powerhouse.

NYC Bad Girl Lovegame strips the vocals from Lovegame, keeping the intrumental in tact while PC's NYC Bad Girl provides a lick of lyrics worthy of the best shenanigally awesome antics.

Grab the mix below and keep it locked for more from Purple Crush. We've got some secret info we can't share, but be warned, you're gonna swoon.

mp3: Purple Crush vs Lady Gaga - NYC Bad Girl Lovegame (Purple Crush Mash)