Lace up your baile funk boots, because this new mix from the camp of New York's own, Alexander Technique, is guaranteed to make you wiggle and jiggle and shake. You might want to warn your coworkers first, yeah?

Alexander Technique of DJ's Are Not Rockstars, along with Kassiano of Nossa, have joined their super rad forces to birth a new remix and production project. Tropikill is being formally introduced through their tropikal/dance/cuban/brazilian madness mix cd, Treme Treme.

Featured in this massive "moneymaker shaker" of a mix is also the first Tropikill remix. Gringo Oba Oba comes from Sao Paulo's Killer on the Dancefloor with vocals provded by Brazil's MC Jenny.

You can grab Tropikill's Treme Treme Mix here. Check out the utterly bananas insanity that is the track list below.

1. Intro
2. Larry Tee - Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)
3. Killer on the Dancefloor - Gringo Oba Oba (Edu K Remix)
4. Steve Angello - Flonko vs Chernobyl - Mais vs David Bolado - Rose Bumbum
5. Crookers - Para de Grachina (Sticky K Remix) vs Zombie Disco Squaad - Eurovision vs Riva Starr - Maria vs Zombie Disco oSquad - Vie!
6. N.A.S.A. - Wachadoin (NROTB Remix)
7. Gregor Salto - Mexer (Chuckie & Dave Moreau Mix)
8. Bassjackers - Soja
9. Designer Drugs - Back Up in This (Michael Meds Remix)
10. Proxy - Raven (Kazey & Bulldog Remix)
11. Major Lazer - Pon de Floor
12. Killer on the Dancefloor - Gringo Oba Oba (Tropikill Remix)
13. Jackbeats - What (Foamo Re-Edit)
14. Blatta Ineshaa - Blow Up (Hijack Remix)
15. Def Inc - Walking the Dead (Vato Gonzalez Remix)
16. Renaissance Man - What is Guru (Riva Starr Remix) vs Dances With White Girls - Everyone's Got to Make a Living
17. Project Cyborg - Hey Ladies (Modecks Remix)
18. Harvard Bass - Caked vs Marcelo D2 - Batacada
19. Acid Girls - Mini Viva vs MC Sabrina vs Edu K - Linguica Maluka
20. Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)
21. Zuzuka Poderosa x Rioneurotic Bass (DJ Edgar) vs Sidney Samson Riverside (Afrojack Remix)

mp3: Killer on the Dancefloor - Gringo Oba Oba (Tropikill Remix)

Thanks to rad chick, Lovatron, for the heads up!