Basically, what we have here is one of the prettiest tracks you'll hear all year. And sure, you may say, ", Sheena Beaston, we're already 80% through the can you make that claim?" Listen kiddos, it's easy to make that note, as soon as you lay your ears on this radness.

Groove Armada are the English duo of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. They're known for their BIG beats, but what we have on the flipside, is something so warming, and so welcoming, that it's rapidly rising up our "holy crap, have we really played it that many times today?" playlist.

The new single from GA's upcoming 2010 album, Black Light, is called I Won't Kneel, and it features the impeccably icy vocals of SaintSaviour. The song is a gorgeous arrangement of swirling synths and a "done almost too well" 80s popstar flair.

The single will be released on November 16. And why don't we watch the video right below too!

And please enjoy the tastiness that is both the original and The Bloody Beetroots remix of the song. And before you get your panties in a bunch, this is probably THE BEST and most understatedly awesome mix they've ever done. It's almost like it's not them who produced it!

mp3: Groove Armada (featuring SaintSaviour) - I Wont Kneel
mp3: Groove Armada (featuring SaintSaviour) - I Wont Kneel (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)