Per my below note...I lied! I simply could not wait until tomorrow to post on the amazingness that was Florence + the Machine at The Fader Fort yesterday, and since there's a new video bouncing around, hey, perfect coincidence! Yes, all my other CMJ coverage will come out in a more streamlined and "true-to-whence-it happened in time" format, but for now, let's just relish in this wondrousness.

Throughout the course of the nearly 8 hours we spent in the Ace Hotel basement for The Fader's monstrous lineup of insanely rad musicians, kids came and went and typically cleared out post performances before starting to fill up again for the next set. This however, was untrue prior to the set by the London lady and her solo guitar accompanist.

Hundreds of sweatsoaked 'seers began to sing along with hands raised in unison as Florence took the stage. Leading chorused and spirited renditions of hits from debut album, Lungs, the duo and their stringed strummer kept a throbbing audience awaiting each perfectly sung note. It did get a bit rowdy with a number of the "more drunk than should be allowed" fellows pushing their way to the front of the tiny venue space, but ultimately the eloquence and charisma as displayed by Florence Welch was enough to keep everyone entertained and wanting more.

Oh and that vid we mentioned above? It's the official video for The XX's remix of F+tM's latest single, You've Got the Love. The single is out November 15, and here are the similarly edited and chopped visuals of the original to go with the mix.

Florence + the Machine play Bowery Ballroom this Tuesday, October 27. For those of you going, get there early and be prepared for a truly magical experience!

mp3: Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (SLOF MAN Dubstep Remix)