Are we all doing ok this post-CMJ Monday morning? We've got a couple bruises, no voice and a raging fever, but isn't that the mark of a great few days? To celebrate surviving, we're hitting you with a sweet lil' exclusive, courtesy of Mr. Vega.

See, around the 'ville of Beastonia, we dig us some Vega. So much so that we even booked him for ours and The Culture of Me's totally kickass CMJ party this past Thursday. If you didn't come we basically are mad at you (joking)...but you can relive the mayhem and madness through TCoM's pics here.

He hit us up with a fantastic fix of Dragonette's new album standout, Pick Up The Phone, earlier this weekend, so we thought, hey, let's share! This mix has no shortage of bumping beats, which is why we love it so much. Think of it as an excuse to "not hear" anyone you don't want to talk to. I jest!

mp3: Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone (Mr. Vega Remix)