Today, I coined this mix of vowels and consonants known as "destitutional" for my word of the day. See, times is tough, y' what is the only logical thing to do? Throw a major party and say "F THE RECESSION!"

Money problems got you down? Well about you come rage out with me tomorrow night at Broke Ass Stuart's "F The Recession" Party. This party is going to be completely bananas, and if I have any say in it, well...actually, I DO!

With a quick flick of some switches and pushes of buttons, I'll be your guest DJ for the night...popping behind the "decks" between band sets!

More details that are majorly vital below.

FREE BOOZE 8PM til there's no more

Musical Performances: Vicio, Thought, Danielle Parente, and The Children of Technicolor
DJ Sets: Mixer Assassin, Brina Payne, and Guest DJ Music Blogger Sheena Beaston

LIVE CIRCUS Performances: Claire De Luxe and Ali Luminescent (Lady Circus), The Amazing Amy, Busty Kitten, Squiddie, Madame Burnz
More rad stuff includes: Flame Dancing and Firerotic Massages, Tarot Readings & Art by Asa the Awesome, Free Bouncy Rides (Club Animals), and Free Sex Advice and Toys by Topaz Chanteuse


Cover is only $3 if you RSVP over on Going or $5 at the door. Pretty damn cheap, eh? For reals, this is the best deal you'll find all year.

The haps go down from 7:30pm to 3:00am over at Rebel. So you know, leave work and come straight over. You're probably gonna head somewhere for a drink anyway...why not make it free?

mp3: Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Radio Edit)
mp3: Soft Cell vs Lil Scrappy - Tainted Money (DJ Hoff Blend)
mp3: Soulwax - Party People