If ever there was a sign of a socially networkable opportunity in which to interact with an artist, then Imogen Heap has locked down the formula for success. Using a variety of platforms, most notably with twitter, Heap has secured an outlet in which to communicate with fans, ultimately giving this lucky blogger a chance to spend an intimate evening with the eccentrically gifted English singer and songwriter.

With the release of her beautifully constructed album, Ellipse, on August 24, Heap took to her twitter account to announce that she had 3 spots left for her Letterman appearance that night. Impulsively, I replied, and a swift response followed that I was in. Not only for said television taping, but also for a private listening party, in which Heap also streamed and chatted live with fans, as she took questions, eDanced and played songs both old and new.

SB: Thank you so much for the invitation through twitter to join you tonight! I was so excited to get such a quick reply from you. I left work in a mad dash to run over to the theater for your taped performance on Letterman.

IH: Oh, well you're very welcome. So you were at the show then, right? I messed up the second line in the song, but I don't think anyone could really notice, did you?

SB: No, I didn't! Haha.

IH: Good on you then. We won't tell anyone else.

SB: First off, Ellipse is such a masterfully crafted album. I simply keep playing it on repeat. You received such praise for Speak For Yourself and iMegaphone, so was it hard to follow up with something that might need to live up to your past works?

IH: I think because I put so much time and effort into this release that I didn't really care what anyone would say. I kept going back over and over these songs and my own perfectionism and pressures are what made the recording process a bit longer than normal.

SB: Were there any specific themes or central ideas that you based this album around?

IH: Well, the biggest thing for this was...the other albums, I was always dating someone when I was writing and recording them. For this one, I was single. And it's an entirely diffferent experience when all you have is yourself and your feelings.

"At night you crawl into bed alone, and well, who do you give those emotions to when you're not with someone?"

SB: What do you have planned now that the album is out? Any tours in the works?

IH: No, no tours as of yet. I feel as though I just finished the album, so a proper break is in order, so there will be sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Obviously by myself...haha.

Many thanks to Imogen Heap for being completely gracious in hosting us, and also for the chat! You can watch her performance of First Train Home from Letterman here.

mp3: Imogen Heap - The Song That Never Was (BitchSLAPhappy Remix)