Excuse me while I gloat and blush for a hot second. Early on Saturday morning, I got a delightful tweet from a radly cool cat over in London.

backstreetjoe @sheenabeaston Was reading Notion magazine and you were mentioned in the Amanda Blank article!

My immediate thought was, "Wait...WHAAAAAAT!"

Second thought, "I need to get to a computer ASAP and see if I can find it online!"

Alas, the publication is UK-based, so buddy boy went and did me a solid and took a few quick snaps with his mobile device, uploaded said pictures to Facebook and ta-dah! Visual evidence of the blurb as below.

Print is not dead. Long live print. Viva Sheena Beaston!

mp3: Amanda Blank and M.I.A. - Take it Easy

Many thanks again to backstreetjoe for lending a hand! The article, "Let's Talk About Sex", appears in the August Issue [#41] of Notion Magazine.